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If we are still not comfortable to go outside at this hard time, instead go inside. Reset, refresh, and keep peace of mind with exercising yoga and meditation. Yoga is part of meditation. According to researchers, meditation is very difficult to define because of the different ways, there are elements of tradition and involve the power of the mind. To put it simply, meditation is an individual practice of mindfulness training to achieve a clear mental state and stable emotion. All religions and faiths involve meditation.

In general, what is meant by yoga is the practice of movement (asana), energy circulation (mudra), and breathing (pranayama). Meanwhile, the basic method of meditation uses a technique of focusing the mind on a certain invisible object. This means we can also practice concentrating on the coronavirus and trying to control it, much like a vaccine.

When it comes to this new normal, extracurricular activities like yoga and meditation are suitable for all ages at home. Practical because it can be done in a limited space, without complicated equipment, supports distance movement, and is said to improve the fitness and immune system. Unlike before the pandemic, yoga activities were carried out in large groups, wearing trendy, sexy and expensive clothes. How can we concentrate when there are too many temptations?

There are countless positions for practicing yoga. One that is most important and is always mentioned in the literature is the shirshasana or the headstand position. Both babies who are born normally and who are not normal (breech, cesarean) must have experienced this position while in their mother’s womb before birth. This natural position is proven to be the healthiest and safest way to start a new life. Breathe air for the first time in nature.

Sigmund Freud in one of his psychoanalytic theories relates this position to the fetus floating in the amniotic fluid of the mother’s womb to launch the baby’s birth process. Even Freud once wrote that if someone dreams of swimming or playing water, it is a sign that the person, in his or her unconscious mind, remembers his or her mother who was pregnant with him or her. The scientific explanation of this dream, there is a difference in body temperature, a sign that the body is not in healthy conditions and the immune system is weak.

If we practice shirshasana or upside-down position properly, relax without weight, breathe regularly, like floating in water, it will have a positive effect on rejuvenation, body health, and calm the mind. For young children who see adults in this position it is sure to make them happy and amazed. It was as if there was a fresh memory that they had been doing this not that long ago, while in their mother’s womb. It is interesting to observe how the children imitate this position.

For those who like yoga and meditation, feel free to try this shirshasana position with upside-down padmasana (lotus posture). Practicing step by step starts from shirshasana; beginners can do shirshasana against the wall for safety. Normal or not upside down padmasana can be done separately; either full lotus or half lotus with alternate left and/or right palm of feet or foot facing up. Concentrate on taking care of the body, the earth and everything in it. It is also hoped that it can comfort, calm the mind, and give awareness that the current pandemic and hot wave recently are due to natural imbalances, one of the causes is because of human activities. Please consult your physician before doing shirshasana.

Our life can be upside-down due to this pandemic, environmental degradation, and global warming. By practicing the real upside-down posture, I hope that our body and mind can be healthy and stay positive during this new normal.

Meditation activities, among others, through yoga, whatever their religion or belief, even for non-believers (agnostics, atheists) will reduce stress, boredom, depression, and pain. Many have reported in scientific research that meditation can control the production of “joy” hormones: the dopamine hormone associated with pleasure due to motor exercise. Serotonin, the pleasure hormone, because someone can sleep and taste the food well, is also associated with memory. The hormone oxytocin is associated with sensuality. Hormonal endorphins to reduce pain. In a healthy body and mind, it is proven that the immune system will increase and be useful in dealing with a pandemic.

Namaste, “I bow to the divine in you”.

-Bintoro Gunadi