Walking Backwards

A few years ago, I saw an old lady who looked healthy and energetic, but she had a strange walk at the edge of a park, she walked back backward. For those who like sports and are starting to get bored with just the common sports, there is no harm in trying to walk backwards.

Walking backwards has been in the history of sports in the far east country particularly in China since ancient times and has proven its benefits by many studies in the western countries. Walking backwards has many benefits to the mind and body. It was reported in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences that walking backwards has a positive effect on knee osteoarthritis suffered by all old people.

Researchers from the psychology department in the Netherlands examined the effect of movements that “approached”, such as walking toward something or pulling something, and movements that “dodge”, such as retreating from something to the function of the mind. As a result, the exercise of walking backwards gives a faster response to remembering the answers to the given color test compared to the exercise of walking forwards and walking to the sides.

The results of the study led by Severine Koch from Radboud University Nijmegen published in the journal Psychological Science recommend: “Every time you face a difficult situation, stepping back can increase your ability to deal with it effectively. Backward movement seems to be a very powerful trigger to mobilize resources. cognitive power. “

The benefits of the exercise of walking backwards to thinking power:
– Increase body awareness
– Improve body coordination and movement in open spaces
– Helps avoid exercise boredom and improve mood
– Helps sleep cycles become more organized
– Motivating to get out of your comfort zone
– Keep the mind still guessing
– Sharpen thinking skills and improve cognitive control
– Sharpens the senses, especially increasing the sense of sight

Benefits of walking backwards against the body:
– Increases strength in leg muscles that are rarely used
– Helps rehabilitate knee, heart and nerve injuries
– Improve techniques and walking style
– Helps balance
– Burn calories ten times faster and maintain a healthy weight
– Strengthens bones and muscles
– Increase energy and enthusiasm
– Increase body metabolism

Please try the exercise walking backwards. Plan to practice in a quiet and rather spacious place with clear directions. Prioritize safety so as not to slip. Thinking for a moment to meet the old age with the ant lion movement and joining the future movement for peace of mind.

– Bintoro Gunadi


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