Pu-erh Tea is Earthy Tea

puerhWhen I drank hot pu-erh tea for the first time ten years ago, it was different from other tea drinks. The taste and aroma are like soil, the color is clear dark brown, I like it immediately. I appreciate more the pu-erh tea after knowing the manufacturing process through a special gradual fermentation process and originally from Yunnan, South China.

For drinkers, fans, and tea collectors, quality pu-erh tea may be the highest level of taste, also because of its long manufacturing process, health benefits, and high price. For beginners who don’t like it because pu-erh tea tastes bitter and the aroma reminds us of the soil, as if it is frightening, then becomes deterrent to drinking it.

The taste and smell of the soil shows life in the future. There is also sage person who say the meaning of the smell of soil is old approaching the final resting place. Another drink with the taste and smell of the soil that I have tried and like, is the Korean ginseng, alcoholic drink which is also said to be healthy.

Pu-erh tea has evolved a long time since thousands of years ago and the manufacturing process can take up to 15 years. Pu-erh tea is also experiencing a revolution in the world of teas. The only type of tea drink which is the basic ingredient of tea leaves through a two-fold or double fermentation processes, and the fermentation process is continuing in the storage (post-fermentation).

The end-product of pu-erh tea is formed in disc-shaped slabs so it is more practical and durable for storing and shipping. Besides pu-erh tea is healthy for the heart and liver because it contains natural cholesterol-lowering lovastatin, as well as high antioxidants to delay the aging process.

In general, brewing the second time tea is the best because the foreign smell is washed away, and the natural taste begins to dissolve. I also do the same thing when I enjoy drinking the second brewing of the high-quality original coffee ground. However, my habit of enjoying the second brewing of the coffee, makes some of my friends who are fanatically coffee drinkers refuse even hostile to my innovations that are environmentally friendly and healthy.

I think the bitter taste which dissolved for the second time can be more fitting on the tongue, they do not make hyperactive because theine and caffeine levels are not too high anymore, and more refreshingly healthy for “heavyweight” pu-erh tea slabs, as well as for high-grade genuine ground coffee.

Cheers to all earthy powers! Everyday is Earth Day. Good luck and enjoy the healthy drink with the taste and aroma of the soil, which is warm without artificial color and sweeteners, even halal without alcohol.

-Bintoro Gunadi


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