Anti-Blood Clot in Earthworm


Most people, when they are getting older, naturally find their blood is getting thicker and their risk of getting a blood clot is getting higher. This will not happen in earthworms because worms produce lumbrokinase. Lumbrokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme present in earthworms, and it has been investigated as an experimental antithrombotic agent. An antithrombotic agent is a drug that reduces the formation of blood clots (thrombi), and it’s a natural treatment for cardiovascular problems.

It’s well documented that earthworms including compost worms or red wigglers (Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrei) have 5 hearts that pump the red blood from the front body (anterior) to the back body (posterior). Earthworm protein is unique because it has never frozen over in the low temperature around -5 degrees Celsius. Some organic wastes will create heat, so the worms are safe enough during the peak of the winter in the awesome climate in British Columbia, Canada.

The evolutionary biology of earthworms is unique because earthworms never get any diseases or sickness due to the antimicrobial protein produced during the process of organic waste management. There are two pharmaceutical properties that can be found in earthworm protein. First is pharmaceutical material such as lumbrokinase. Lumbrokinase is a fibrin-dissolving enzyme that prevents hypercoagulation i.e. clotting of human and animal blood. Second is fetidin which can be extracted from compost worms protein. Fetidin or eiseniapore is an antimicrobial peptide that is not hemolytic and is safe for the vertebrate immune system.

Lumbrokinase is similar to nattokinase. Both of them are thrombolytic natural treatment for cardiovascular problems, and help to thin the blood. The difference between lumbrokinase and nattokinase is where they come from. Nattokinase comes from the stinky fermenting process of making natto fermented soybeans by Bacillus subtilis natto, while lumbrokinase comes from the cells of intestinal tissue and fluid of the earthworms.

In some countries in East Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan), South East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore), and Europe, lumbrokinase has been used in many hospitals under the license name Boluoke that is produced by Canada RNA Biochemical Inc. at Richmond, British Columbia.

Please visit our website at to learn more about the worm protein and lumbrokinase.

– Bintoro Gunadi

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