The wormery of red wigglers


Burnaby Red Wigglers is a “green” business located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Worm composting (vermiculture-vermcomposting) is getting more popular because compost worms or red wigglers increase the speed of composting. It produces high quality worm castings or vermicompost rich in beneficial soil microbes, plant growth regulators and nutrients for plants. The excess of the worm is an excellent source of protein and it can be used for fishing. Worm composting is safe for the environment.

The pictures of wormery above are the most common worm composter or vermicomposter used by the customers to process their kitchen, paper and garden wastes using red wigglers. Buy it…or Make it… for condo, household and school wormeries: Can O Worms, Worm Factory, Worm Inn and City of Vancouver wormeries. The last four wormeries can be made by yourself. The medium until larger scale wormeries are promising to support the Zero Waste program using Hungry Bin, CityPod composter and Continuous-Flow vermicomposter. The pictures including the information of the three systems can be seen in the former publications of Burnaby Red Wigglers in November and December 2014 on this WordPress blog.

Started locally for a better habitat is our mission. Supported by the vision to reach globally in five continents through networking, consultation services, research and education. Burnaby Red Wigglers has been supplying the worms, cocoons and worm castings for the wormshop program of City Farmer Vancouver for over 3 years. This program is supported by the City of Vancouver for over 20 years, and this is the oldest workshop program on household vermicomposting in the world. Burnaby Red Wigglers has been participating and posting for open discussion regularly to the Vermicomposting Network in LinkedIn. Last Spring 2014 Burnaby Red Wigglers won the first place in competition for the logo red wigglers photo of the Vermicomposting Network with over 800 international members. After a year in FaceBook page, Burnaby Red Wigglers is on the way to reach a new milestone to get 500 likes.

Thank you for continuing supports and doing business with us. Bintoro Gunadi, founder

Red Worm open eyes 8-8-2013


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