Alpha and Omega of our resource waste management


The end of the world will be upside down and messy if there are too much wastes around us. There is a contemporary design of the upside down omega symbol on the public trash bin at downtown Corvallis, Oregon at the front of the court house. What does it mean? I am guessing that the successful resource waste management program should be started by every individual awareness to take care of each own waste. If not, the carrying capacity of our planet for living will be disturbed, unhealthy and out of aesthetic value. All of the activities to manage the waste should be strictly protected by law.

In the early new millennium, Edward O. Wilson a sociobiologist from Harvard University criticized the book: Gaia Atlas of Planet Management by Norman Myers. He gave a warning to the people to be prepared mentally for some amount of chaos and failure. Accumulation of waste and frustration often attend the earliest stages of chaos.

One of the strengths of a country depends on the right strategy to manage its waste. It should be started by the civilians and supported by the government. Failure to manage the waste will create a disaster such as flooding, contamination of ground water, unhealthy habitat, and disrupt the sustainability of the young generation.

3R: reduce, reuse and recycling will not be enough to manage the enormous wastes around us. Incineration and composting are the only potential ways to reduce the quantity of wastes significantly. Metro Vancouver, British Columbia has been banning on disposing organic materials (including food scraps and compostable organics) into the garbage bin since January 2015. There are many countries around the world have been participating the Zero Waste program, the program that will prolong the life of the earth to support living creatures including beneficial microbes, plants, animals and humans in sustainable way.

Holistic and economic methods of waste management are needed to let us survive and provide a healthier environment. The end product of composting-vermicomposting such as a high quality of compost and worm protein for animal feed and for fishing will support the urban farming to start supplying our own food. Family and community composting are the key of success to build up our responsibility to take care of the blue planet by managing the organic waste become infinite resource for organic farming.

Please contact for the appropriate methods of composting and vermicomposting using compost worms or red wigglers with no fuss or muss. Bintoro Gunadi

Red Worm open eyes 8-8-2013

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