Zero Waste program and workshop vermiculture-vermicomposting for young generation

Red Worm open eyes 8-8-2013

So much green waste (e.g. from kitchen, garden, farm etc.) and brown waste (e.g. any paper, card board, sow dust etc.) are around us. Most of them are often kept in the land disposal or landfill for conventional composting process before they can be utilized back to the garden and agricultural land. Landfills are full with garbage and surely disturb our local environment.

Recently more and more people want to be different by processing their own green and brown waste to support the Zero Waste program and sustainability. The first step to support the Zero Waste program is to stop thinking of it as waste or trash and start with the education to the young generation.

Vermiculture-vermicomposting or composting using worms is fun and can be used as one of the alternatives to process faster the green and brown wastes with no fuss or muss.  The end products of vermiculture-vermicomposting are high quality of worm castings or vermicompost and the excessive of compost worms can be used for fishing and pets feed (e.g. fish, turtle, chicken etc.).

Burnaby Red Wigglers provide the workshop for students at the school. Please visit at Services to learn more about vermiculture-vermicomposting and to arrange the workshop.

– Bintoro Gunadi

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