Try to be locavore through organic gardening

organic gardening

Locavore is growing and eating local foods from nearby, so it will minimize the effect of global warming and costs (e.g. production, transportation).

There are too many lists of preservatives and chemicals to keep the produces and foods stay longer and more attractive to us. Unfortunately these contaminants will not preserve our cells. Reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides on the crops will make us safer and healthier.

Organic gardening has 3 important goals for sustainability of our planet and us: Reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides for soil fertility and crop protection. Managing a farm as a system with integration of soils (beneficial soil microbes and decomposers) – water, crops, animals, and society. Opposition to production of genetically engineered crops and irradiation of foods.

The advantages and disadvantages of organic fertilizers such as conventional compost are:
• Mild, non caustic, and will not burn the plants.
• Slow release nutrients, available in longer period.
• Can improve the biological and physical properties of soil.
• Organic materials are sources of many nutrients.
• Using compost is a method of recycling materials that might otherwise be wasted.
• Low concentrations of nutrients and usually need large quantities.
• May not supply nutrients sufficiently and rapidly.
• Mostly are heavier and more expensive than chemicals fertilizers.
• Immature compost may bring plant pathogens and weeds.

Actually using 10-20% of the worm castings or vermicompost and casting teas for organic gardening will help to suppress the disadvantages of using the regular organic fertilizers (e.g. conventional compost). Vermicompost is rich in nutrients, fulvic/humic acids, beneficial soil microbial activity, and it contains plant growth regulators which are good for the crops. Vermicompost has also suppressive effects against plant pathogens.

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Red Worm open eyes 8-8-2013

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