Fertile soil for all


Green thumb farmer knows that intensive farming will create soil infertile. Nutrients necessary for plant growth are not enough from the top soil. Plough causes soil to wind and water erosion. Dams and levees built to control flooding also prevent water carrying nutrients and fresh soil from entering the land. Toxic substances such as pesticides and artificial fertilizers will decrease the population of the beneficial organisms.

Infertile soil is caused by the absence of the nutrients and beneficial soil organisms within the soil. What does it mean to have infertile soil? We cannot grow optimal things in soil. The crops production and quality will decrease. We will waste time, energy and money.

Adding the thin layer 2-3 cm of worm castings or vermicompost on the soil will change significantly the unfertile soil becomes fertile soil. By means improving soil condition (aeration, water holding capacity) and increasing soil fertility (slow release organic nitrogen and other nutrients).

High quality vermicompost can be produced by the vermicomposting of the farm’s green waste, food waste, municipality waste (biosolids) and manufacturing waste (foods, drinks, papers). By returning valuable vermicompost from organic waste to the field is a part of resource management, sustainability, and will support the Zero Waste program in relation to organic or natural farming.

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– Bintoro Gunadi

Red Worm open eyes 8-8-2013

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