Aquaponics using composting worms is a new breakthrough


The term of aquaponics is a portmanteau of the term aquaculture (raising aquatic animals and algae in water) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water). Aquaponics is in a close loop system and pesticides free.

One of the most important aspects of successful aquaculture is managing the by-product wastes to maintain the optimal environmental condition. The other important aspect is providing essential nutrients for the aquaculture; For example feeding the fish and shrimp with nutritious feed, shellfish with organic extractive, and seaweed with inorganic extractive.

Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) provides the by-products (e.g. organic waste) from one aquatic species as inputs (i.e. fertilizers and food) to another species plant in hydroponic system. IMTA reduces operation costs while promoting sustainability by converting by-products and uneaten feed into harvestable crops.

Vermiculture and vermicomposting are well-suited to support IMTA through processing semi-solids waste of aquaculture by-products for plants and supplying the high quality of worm proteins for the optimal growth of the aquatic animals for example fish and shellfish.

Please visit to get the composting worms and for consultation.  Photo is courtesy by Patriot Network.

– Bintoro Gunadi

Red Worm open eyes 8-8-2013
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