Let’s recycle our green and paper waste using composting worms


Most people have their kitchen waste and too much paper waste priority for disposal. That organic wastes are kept in land-disposal areas, which may cause odour problem, transmit diseases and could be a potential sources of pollution.

Recently, more people have great concern for sustainability and want to be different by processing their own organic waste become valuable products which can help to save the planet. The composting worms or red wigglers (Eisenia andrei) can help you to speed-up composting of green and paper waste in an odourless process this winter. What you will get next spring is high quality vermicompost for your potting plants and garden with no fuss or muss.

Try this basic mix to start doing vermicomposting, 3 part of kitchen waste mix with 1 part of paper waste. Start with a pound of composting worms that can process a pound of mix waste within less than a week. The favorable conditions to support the process are at room temperature 15-20⁰C, moisture 75% and enough aeration in the container.

Please visit www.burnabyredwigglers.com to get the composting worms and at TIPS tab for preparing the container.

– Bintoro Gunadi

Red Worm open eyes 8-8-2013

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